Managing multiple applications and job offers

by Apr 28, 2022General

It’s a candidate led market, that is for sure. You are in the fortunate position to find yourself in demand because you are amazing at what you do (of course) and have found yourself with multiple offers on the table.

But that doesn’t mean to say the way you operate should change from a professional viewpoint.

Humility and professionalism are key as is honest communication and responsiveness.

We have been at the front line these last few months and have experienced firsthand, many recruitment nightmares for our for-purpose clients that have left us aghast and somewhat in disbelief.

No shows

Not showing up to interviews (be that with your recruitment consultant or with the client) is simply not acceptable.

If you can’t make it for some reason, please pick up the phone and call to apologise and explain. Emails just don’t cut it. 

Make sure to apologise for their time wasted. Of course, there is a degree of understanding that things do come up and emergencies happen, but we strongly suggest show-casing your professionalism and courtesy by either cancelling by phone and email within a decent time frame where possible and/or re-arranging at a convenient time to your interviewer.

Its never a good sign to just not show up and you never know how this would affect your job search down the line. The charity sector is small, and people do talk!

Open and honest communication – be clear how you will decide

Be upfront with where you are at with other job applications. Any good recruiter/hiring manager will ask this and it allows us to manage timelines and the process effectively.

The key is being transparent here; know what your key priorities are and how you will decide between multiple offers for different roles.

Is it based on salary, location, flexibility? Career progression? 

Is the culture most important? Or reporting line? Be transparent. You never know what organisations can offer until you are clear about what you are looking for. And there is often room for negotiation!

It really helps if you have gone through a thorough interview with your recruiter to ascertain what you are looking for and how this next role lines up with your interest areas, be it work life balance, passion, career development of flexibility.

You can then weigh up each opportunity against your criteria.

Know the roles you have applied for and be prepared to talk to your reasons for application.

When contacting people relating to their applications, I often speak to people who don’t recall which role they have applied for and aren’t prepared to talk to their reasons for application. Please don’t be one of these people!

My advice? Have a list of the roles and organisations you have applications to and be prepared to talk to reasons behind said application and how your experience is relevant. 

Responsiveness and ‘ghosting’

To be honest I hear many of my peers across industries talk to how some people just never get back to them -and this rarely happens in our industry.

I cannot stress the importance of being responsive through the process with your potentially new employer or recruiter. Your feedback is vital and often time critical. Often you are part of a process with many factors to consider and whether you are keen to move forwards or not with a role, it is beneficial for all parties to provide feedback ASAP.

If you need more time to decide then it’s simple, communicate that. If you have an offer from another company, great, let us know about it. There is nothing worse than being left in the dark. Employers and recruiters will understand and appreciate the honesty and transparency.

And finally, thank employers/recruiters etc.

For the opportunity to be considered and for the time taken to represent and consider them – being clear as to your reasons whether you decide to accept or rejection of the offer or they do not progress with your application.

There is no reason to burn bridges and you never know what opportunities lay ahead. Maintain positive relationships and act with grace.

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