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by Jul 22, 2022General

It’s well publicized that there are more jobs in the market right now than there are people to fill them, so if you were thinking of changing careers, now is the time. It seems this global crisis may have shed light on our population’s priorities, more people want meaning in their world; they don’t want to spend the years left stuck in a dead-end job just existing to pay bills and survive. This restructure of importance in a person’s life has had a jolting effect, it feels like we have all woken up from a monotonous nightmare and have begun to reflect on ourselves.

The pandemic has made us refocus our attention on the “stuff that matters”, thinking of the future has many of us wanting it encapsulated by love and happiness. Therefore, recruiting in the NFP sector couldn’t have come at a better time. We want to connect people to purpose, we want you to wake up in the morning and feel what you do makes a difference. That is why working with people in this space is so rewarding, as many can vouch, it is not just a job or career it becomes a lifestyle worth living.

People are feeling pushed to pursue the dreams they never thought worthy during this reshuffle. It is important to remember, that one’s survival is the period between life and death, so we must ask ourselves; what do I want to do with that time? If you had one year left, would you be happy with what you are doing now, and do you feel empowered within your contribution to society? If you are seeking a new direction in life and are questioning whether what you’re doing is worthy enough to spend most of your fleeting moments; act on your inquisition and make the change. Because nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Speaking from personal experience I can see how my career choices have led me to where I am now.

Working as a chef and building a career in hospitality taught me to be organized, ingrained a strong work ethic, how to prioritize and work well under pressure. From this I took a leap to start my own business. Having worked in fundraising, I built empathy, developed strong communication and influencing skills. My BDM experience helped me to learn how to objection handle and work in a target driven environment. Working as a travel agent built technical abilities across different MS, CRM, and GDS systems. And now I’m studying counselling and can apply my learnings around how to become more self-aware and reflective, giving me the skill of really listening to understand not just to respond to our clients and candidates.

I feel that I have finally landed in a career that allows me to bring all these skills and experiences together. Meeting new people and expanding networks benefits our growth a little more every day, and connection to people can change the course the of your life. So, I encourage you to reach out for a chat if you are interested in how your experience translates and how Cause Recruitment can help you!

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