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by Apr 28, 2022Interview Tips

We know job searching can be stressful at the best of times and when it comes to interviews; well some people just aren’t great at it. We get it, it can be nerve wracking, time consuming and a seemingly repetitive cycle of rejection while for others, they just seem to glide through to process unfazed and positively glowing after nailing it first time round.

Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared so no matter how bad the nerves hit; you know you did your absolute best and walk out with the confidence you put your best foot forward.

1. Do your research and plan accordingly

Read the website and any reviews & related articles; look up the interviewers on Linked In, check any podcasts they may have created; read their annual report; I’ve even known candidates become a regular giver to a charity to get an insight of their stewardship process before interviewing for a fundraising role! 

Practically speaking, plan your route to the office and make sure you leave enough time for 5 spare minutes to spare before your set interview time (no more). Check parking availability and if you are catching public transport make sure you’ve accounted for any potential delays along the way.

2. In interview

Remember to switch your phone off or have it on silent. Greet all your interviewers with a smile and a firm handshake and be sure to make good eye contact. Dress appropriately and remember to try relax and let a little of your personality show. 

More on tips for virtual interviews to follow!

3. Resume and job description ready

Be able to talk through your resume, including dates, role titles and reasons why you left a particular organisation (being considerate on framing your narrative as talking too negatively on a past employer can put some employers off). Talk to your relevant experience and how that directly translates to the position’s requirements. 

When answering questions, I always advise to using the S*T*A*R technique to provide structure to your answers. Situation > Task> Action> Result.

Have some great examples of campaigns or projects you were involved in or led; highlighting particular achievements that are relevant to the role along the way.

4. Ask informed questions! There is nothing worse than someone showing up to interview who hasn’t researched the organisation, role and seems lack lustre about the opportunity.

Our clients want to see you have done your research and that you are excited, curious and are keen to work with them! So be prepared to show this by having some great questions lined up based on your research and its also really good to enquire about culture, team, future plans etc. 

Top Tips for Virtual Interviews

For virtual interviews here are some key points to consider

  1. Remember to switch off all mobiles and electronic devices that may interfere.
  2. Choose a place that is quiet where you will least likely be interrupted with good lighting.
  3. Ensure your device is fully charged and stable (so not wabbling anywhere where the client can only see your forehead!)
  4. Set your background – its more professional.
  5. Banish housemates, family, pets, children to another room!
  6. Ready your equipment checking your internet connection, microphone and audio are working.
  7. Test run
  8. In interview, be mindful of your body language and how you come across on video.
  9. Act naturally (without getting too comfortable)
  10. Make sure you end the call after thanking the interviewer for their time and exited the app.

We hope you find these valuable and wish you the best of luck!

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